Research focus

 My research focuses on number theory. More specifically, I work with (generalisations of) modular forms and their properties and applications throughout number theory and beyond.  When graded by level and weight, the vector-space of (holomorphic) modular forms is finite-dimensional, and so they satisfy many different relations. Even better is that they often encode interesting arithmetic information as their coefficients, for example integer partitions (and generalisations). Combining these two notions, the general philosophy is to exploit techniques based in modular forms to obtain non-trivial information about these coefficients. 

This often leads to insights outside of just number theory. For example, some of my work intersects with topics in arithmetic geometry, combinatorics, and touches on string theory.

Recently, I'm being drawn into topics involving various kinds of theta lifts and locally harmonic Maass forms. However, I like to keep a varied topic base for current research, and you can find some of my ongoing projects on the associated page.

My research is/has been supported by the following: